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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Image Matters

Why does Image Matter?

A sad truth that researchers Dunn & Charette have found is that "Our Image can have a significant impact on our hapiness by affecting the development of friendships and romantic relationships. Children learn that looking 'different' often results in teasing and bullying. Adults experience similiarly painful consequences."

"People are affected by your appearance whether or not they realise it, and whether or not they think appearance is important." (Dunn & Charette, National Research Council of Canada). Dunn and Charette's research goes on to state that a first impression has significant, measurable effects on the observer. "Your appearance strongly influences other people's perception of you."

You probably know from personal experience the difference in respect and attention you receive from sales assistants or store owners when you are dressed 'a certain way'. We all know this clip from Pretty Woman.

                                         Pretty Woman Clip - Snobby Sales Assistants

Experiment: Try the Vivienne Experiment. Visit the same store twice - once dressed in your loungewear and once dressed in your work gear. Compare the reactions and respect of the sales assistants. I love the following clip...the ultimate revenge!


                                          Pretty Woman - The  'Slap in the Face'

What are your thoughts? Do we live in an Image Obsessed Society? Should we fight it or go with it?

B xx

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, "Perception IS Reality"!

    I raced into a store once after a training session (yes, not my best look!!) and didn't even get asked if I needed help. So looked around the store, feigning interest, and made up a question. Then went to the counter, pretending to wipe something off my chin flashing my diamond dress ring and innocently said "I'm heading off next week to the French Riviera for a couple of months, does this material wash well?" You should have seen their reaction, they went out of their way to show me everything. I let them and then said later "no, the quality is not really what I'm after, but thank you!"

    Image obsession includes success, happiness, acceptance, wealth, relationships etc. How often do we hear: "fake it till you make it!"

    It's the same in business. I had a trusty old faithful car that I loved. My advisor recommended that I buy a newer car as it proved that my business was successful (even though it already was)! So, I always recommend to my clients that they dress for success, no matter the who/what/where!!

    "Don't judge a book by it's cover"! We've all heard this statement many times, yet we continue to do it... why?

    Is it because the majority of the world's population is "visual" which overshadows their "oral/kinesthetic" preferences etc?

    Has our social conditioning become so ingrained that we are just unaware of what we do nowadays? Do we even care?

    Or is it because we live in such a fast-paced technological world where we want things/ buy things/ search for things/ need things/ "NOW". We don't have time to sit down and reflect properly anymore, so our first experience is to "ASSUME" and we believe that is the truth!

    Of course we ALL know what ASSUME means:
    ASSUME = makes an ASS out of U and ME!

    My vote is to fight it... how? Personal Development!! I reckon by becoming at peace with yourself, your image and the who/what/how you are! You'll find when you're happy within yourself you will end up looking at others in a completely different way!

    Let's go feel the love and acceptance everyone!

    We need to "BE" the change we want in the world!